BS 102 British Standards polyurethane - rough structure metallic/multicolor matt (10-30) Series P.21

Product Code:P021OBRISTA000000000000000BS102RSMMMAColour Scale:British StandardsColour Code:BS 102Series:P.21Tipology:polyurethaneUse:outdoorCuring Conditions:200°-15 minFinishing:rough structureEffect:metallic/multicolorGloss:matt (10-30)Sectors:automotive, urban and railway furnishings The colours depicted are for guidance only. The displayed colour will depend on your monitor and browser, pearl or metallic and or fine/rough structured colours have not been included. The finished colour, therefore, may not be as shown here.
The products of the P.19 Colore® series are used for coating items for internal use. They are widely used where higher than average heat resistance is needed (stoves, ovens, lamps, etc.)
Please check the stock products list for available standard RAL colours. Minimum quantity for customized productions is 25 kg.

The P.21 series is available in the following varieties:
  • Smooth - glossy 71-95 gloss*
  • Smooth - metallised
  • Wrinkled - matt
  • Wrinkled - metallised,
  • Texturised - glossy
  • Texturised - semi-glossy
  • Texturised - metallised

*Opacity (gloss) is measured at an angle of incidence of 60°
This paint complies with the European Directives "Restrictions of the use of certain hazardous substances" 2002/95/EC and 2011/65/EU (RoHS).
(target temperature)
  • 200°x15’
  • The coating can be applied with a manual or automatic Corona discharge based electrostatic gun or with a triboelectric-effect based system (for the latter, please make sure or check that the metallised powder coatings are suitable for use with such a system before starting its industrial use).
  • Do not mix powders from different batches.
  • We recommend using products from a single product batch to coat details that will then be assembled.

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