Colore® offers a complete catalogue of high quality thermosetting powder coatings in different chemical nature: polyester, epoxy, epoxy-polyester and polyurethane.

Qualified suppliers, selected raw materials and meticulous planning of all stages of the production process have enabled Colore® to guarantee excellent levels of product quality, performance and durability over time. Colore® powder coatings are free of TGIC and heavy metals.

In addition to the extensive offer of RAL colours available from stock, all Colore® products can be customised in a wide range of colour variations, gloss (from glossy to super matt) and surface (smooth, wrinkled, textured), with the possibility to recreate any effect and colour, either from the main international colour scales or starting from customer's references. Ad hoc and customised productions that guarantee and maintain excellent technical performances, even in small batches starting from 25 kg and with very short delivery times (on average 10 working days from confirmation).

Colore® products are designed and formulated to enhance specific aesthetic and functional characteristics and allow application in a variety of sectors.


Colore® powder coatings made from epoxy resins provide excellent adhesion, flexibility and high resistance to corrosion and chemicals. Due to their UV-sensitivity they are recommended for indoor use, from machine tools to shelving and general carpentry.
Formulations are also available as protective primers with anti-corrosive action.

Epoxy-polyester powder coatings developed by Colore® are obtained from the combined use of polyester and epoxy resins. Characterised by great versatility and aesthetic performance, while providing greater protection than epoxy resins, they are sensitive to direct exposure to atmospheric agents and are therefore recommended for indoor use, from interior decoration to the production of household appliances.



Colore® powder coatings made from polyester resins are characterised by excellent resistance to yellowing, weathering, UV rays in particular, and the absence of chalking. They also have good mechanical, chemical and corrosion resistance and are the ideal choice for coating items for outdoor usage, from construction to agricultural machinery, from street furniture to industry in general.
Colore® offers a complete range of products formulated with polyester resins specifically intended for the construction and architectural sectors, with Qualicoat class 1 and Qualicoat class 2 certification, guaranteeing maximum colour stability, gloss retention and weather resistance even in extreme conditions.

Polyurethane powder coatings developed by Colore® combine good weather and chemical resistance with extreme ease of cleaning. They are recommended for outdoor applications, from street furniture to public space structures, and are often used in anti-graffiti solutions.

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