Colore® collections powder coatings are designed and formulated to combine quality and durability of the coating with maximum aesthetic enhancement of the surfaces, exclusive and sophisticated effects able to amaze with originality and realism.
With Colore® collections the coating becomes a true form of expression, to play with surfaces of objects and enhance their shapes and volumes. Unique and innovative powder coatings which are well suited for use in various sectors, from interior design to architecture, from construction to craftsmanship and accessories.

Maximum flexibility is also ensured on products of Colore® collections, with ad hoc and customised productions that guarantee and maintain their excellent performances and aesthetic features, even in small batches starting from 25 kg and with very short delivery times (on average 10 working days from confirmation).

Colore® Ultra Matt: super matt finish for a minimalist, elegant and discreet look
Colore® Ultra Matt powder coatings are characterised by a super matt finish, with opacity lower than 5 gloss and completely anti-reflective. The ease of spreading ensures optimum results on both flat or undulating surfaces and three-dimensional objects, giving the surface greater colour intensity and depth.
A wide range of finishes, from smooth to wrinkled and textured for a soft-touch effect, with surface microtexture maximising the anti-fingerprint effect, especially on darker shades.

Colore® Vintage: industrial and modern style that looks to the tradition of the past
Colore® Vintage powder coatings allow to transfer on the surface of objects the charm of antique metal, reproducing in an extremely realistic and natural way the effects of ageing and normal oxidation of metals.
Innovative products which are at the same time linked to tradition, not homogeneous chromatic effects with a retro character and marked by the light-dark reflections typical of metals exposed to the action of time and weathering: an industrial vintage style for unique surfaces.

Colore® Metallic: timeless colours, brilliance and brightness of metallic effects typical of anodising processes
With Colore® Metallic powder coatings it is possible to reproduce with utmost detail the aesthetic effect, brilliance, brightness and metallic reflections of the traditional anodising process of metals.
A wide range of colours, effects and glosses to simulate the most refined anodic tones: timeless colours, with great realism and intensity for exclusive and sophisticated surfaces.

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