Code of Ethics

Colore has always shown that doing business ethically is an integral part of its "corporate culture".
Colore is aware that the authority of a company is recognized not only by the expertise of its employees and the high quality of the service provided to customers, but also by the attention given to the needs of the entire community.

The principles that inspire every work activity in the company are collected in our "Code of Ethics" in the belief that trust is built every day by respecting the rules and helping people develop their potential.
This document represents, therefore, a distinguishing element of our company that represents it before the market and third parties; everyone working in the company or with it is required to know it and share it and that knowledge and sharing are the foundations of our business and the first step to fulfil our mission.

The aim of Colore is therefore to pursue excellence in the market in which it operates, through Sustainable Development, safeguarding the Environment and keeping the Safety of the people involved through the consistency of a behaviour that respects corporate values and Social Ethics, obtain satisfaction and ensure added value for the Employee, for the Customer and, in general, for the whole Community.

The Code of Ethics is binding for the directors and all employees of the company, as well as for all those who work and collaborate, permanently or otherwise, with our company. The Code is distributed throughout the whole internal governance structure and is circulated to a wide audience outside the company.
Our Code of Ethics
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