Maybe it's because we're Italians, but architecture and design in general is the sector that most puts us at ease, the field where we put 100% of our great creativity, care and attention to even the smallest detail to fruition.
Our customers are architects, designers or painters who need a partner that can better understand and interpret their ideas.

Our task is to turn these ideas into reality, designing and engineering the optimal products that can give that exact aesthetic finish for that precise function, always guaranteeing the best quality, the maximum yield in application and the highest reliability for the end user.

Taking this principle as a starting point we have developed all of our effects: texturised (orange peel-like), hammered and wrinkled and our super-soft-touch mattes as well as the antiqued and multi-coloured paints (and much more); all our products are compliant to our very own environmental-friendliness verification system and to the highest quality standards dictated by QUALITAL or GSB or other international organizations.

The excellence of our products is now documented by prestigious architectural works and projects such as the Brindisi airport, the AV station of Afragola, shopping centres or offices such as Ablai Kahn in Almaty, Kazakhstan with its splendid façade.

From the most recent projects we developed the "Aged" series, which was conceived to offer the user an "old fashion or vintage" aesthetic effect, linked to the hottest trends in Furniture or Architectural market.
It is a powder that gives any metal support a "vintage" look, with oxidation effects (rusted) emphasized by applying it in close contact with the object.
The "cloudy" that until yesterday was the prerogative only of liquid paints, today can have all the typical advantages of powder coatings.
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