Functional products

The dynamism of Colore® in terms of research and development allowed the company to anticipate the demands of the market, increasingly oriented towards functional products, leading to the application of new technologies to powder coatings and the development of innovative products, from anticorrosives to antibacterials, from antistatic to ultra-fast with very fast curing even at low temperatures: a complete catalogue of high-performance products able to meet specific functional requirements and that allow Colore® powder coatings to be used in different sectors.
Even on these products Colore® guarantees maximum flexibility and the possibility of customisation in a wide range of colour variations, gloss and surface, with the possibility to recreate any effect and colour, either from the main international colour scales or starting from customer's references. Ad hoc and customised productions that guarantee and maintain excellent technical performances, even in small batches starting from 25 kg and with very short delivery times (on average 10 working days from confirmation).
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Functional products

Colore® Anticorrosion Solutions

Colore® offers a comprehensive assortment of products specifically designed for the protection of metals against corrosion.
Colore® anticorrosion primers based on epoxy resins guarantee excellent levels of corrosion protection even under the most critical usage conditions, adhesion to metal, moisture resistance and overpaintability.
Colore® Hi-Corrosion Resistance is an innovative direct-to-metal (DTM) one-coat powder coating based on polyester resins. It does not require the application of a protective primer and provides corrosion protection comparable to epoxy primers, resistance to weathering and maximum versatility in aesthetic customisation.

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Functional products

Colore® Antibatterico

Colore® Antibatterico includes antibacterial powder coatings able to inhibit or prevent the proliferation of microbial agents and make them harmless, for better hygiene and surface protection.
The exclusive formulation based on polyester, epoxy and polyurethane resins added with silver ions guarantees a continuous antimicrobial action for a duration equivalent to the expected life of the painted product.
The efficacy of Colore® Antibatterico has been tested against different pathogens.

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Functional products

Colore® Low Curing

Colore® Low Curing is the new range of powder coatings with lower curing temperatures compared to traditional products.
The exclusive formulations based on highly reactive polyester or epoxy-polyester resins guarantee polymerisation curves from 130°C for epoxy-polyester resin formulations and from 140°C for polyester resin formulations, and allow to reduce the curing temperature, or alternatively the curing time in the oven, without however compromising the technical properties of the coating.
Lower temperatures and shorter curing times allow for reduced energy consumption and consequent emissions, as well as optimising the application process, resulting in increased productivity and overall plant efficiency.

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Functional products

Colore® Antistatic

Colore® Antistatic range includes powder coatings based on polyester resins for indoor use and special additives to give the coating high antistatic properties.
The results obtained by Colore® Antistatic products in resistivity tests confirm them as the optimal choice of powder coatings with static dissipative properties able to facilitate the dissipation of electrical charges, reducing the risk of ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) generation, thus protecting devices in direct or indirect contact with that surface.

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Functional products

Colore® Postforming

Colore® Postforming range includes powder coatings based on polyester resins specially formulated to withstand the mechanical stresses of postforming processes.
In contrast to traditional powder coatings which tend to form cracks when subjected to deformation beyond a certain bending angle, Colore® Postforming provides maximum adhesion, elasticity and resistance of the coating to torsion, tensile stress and deformation of the coated item.
The mechanical features of Colore® Postforming, tested according to regulatory standards, guarantee the coating integrity, without cracks and breaks, for bending of pre-painted sheets up to the most critical grade T0, with glossy and semi-glossy finish, ensuring both surface protection and durability of the aesthetic aspect.

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Functional products

Colore® Superdurable

Colore® Superdurable range includes powder coatings based on polyester resins and carefully selected pigments for an exclusive formulation that gives the coating exceptional quality and durability even in the most critical environmental conditions.
Colore® Superdurable products are specifically dedicated to the architecture and construction sector, offer great versatility in aesthetic customisation and are Qualicoat class 2 certified: excellent performance in durability, colour stability, gloss retention and resistance to weathering even in extreme conditions, to preserve the physical and aesthetic features of the coating over time, the value and functionality of the painted objects and structures.

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