About us

Alessandro Pietralunga – Chief Operation Officer
We manufacture any type of powder coating or paint to reproduce any effect the customer desires. Colore's uniqueness lies in its being very quick in developing these products with a "made to measure" approach, i.e. making custom-tailored products. These products nowadays account for most of our production and we manufacture these products as quickly and timely as possible.

The "just in time" philosophy Colore adopted leads to the application of technology at every stage of the production process, a particularly streamlined production to try to shorten as much as possible the response time i.e. the time from the customer's request of a certain colour for a specific product to the delivery of said colour to the customer; on average this time presently is 10 working days.

A key feature that makes Colore unique is the importance of the laboratory for research and development; as an example, the most recent one, let me mention the advancements, still under testing, in the application of nanotechnologies in our laboratory: self-cleaning products, photoluminescent products, antibacterial products (i.e. products that limit the proliferation of bacteria).

Paolo Nardi – R&D Manager
Our laboratory is divided into three main areas: one part is responsible for quality control over the production, a second part is assigned to the "custom" service and produces samples for the customer and the last area is dedicated to research and development, where we run ahead of the future by developing the needs of customers and cooperating directly with the suppliers of raw materials to try to understand which products we want to invent and develop; in other words we do not work only with what exists, but we try to work with what will exist in the future.
Mauro Lago - Technical Manager
Powder coatings, compared to other liquid paints have a feature that represents an economic advantage for the user: they require a single pass to obtain the same application thickness or other specifications, thus eliminating any supplementary processing and in addition to that they have the advantage that with the new generation plants we have provided new paint application booths using 100% of paint thus recycling all of the over spray and eliminating all waste.
Sales Manager
Colore offers the widest range of products always available in stock, in all the different chemical natures and finishing features. We have smooth, textured, wrinkled, metallized colors, any of these which can be glossy, matt or even super matt.
But the real difference towards the competition is the customization of our products.
We are able to develop the color that the customer requires from a whatever color reference, a painted piece or even just an idea. Thus we can say that Colore is the missing link between what an idea is and its realization.

Alessandro Pietralunga – Chief Operation Officer
Flexible supply system for what concerns quantity and types of product, the best just in time service, customised production linked to the specific needs of our customers and maximum availability of powder coatings in the widest range of products and a stock of "special effects" colours.
These are the peculiarities that make Colore the best answer for the customer

Leader in the production of customised colours

COLORE is a leading company in the production of customised colours or standard colours compliant to the international standards and to all colour scales, even the most sophisticated ones (RAL, RAL Design, Pantone, NCS, Munsell, British Standard, Sikkens etc.).
COLORE paints and powders all stand out for the highest quality in the raw materials used and their excellent performance in terms of yield, mechanical adhesion, resistance and durability; accurately custom-tailored solutions designed to fit perfectly the specific protection and/or decoration feature of the product (either metallic or non-metallic) of each customer.

COLORE has been in business for more than 20 years and we have managed to build our own market niche thanks to our undisputed reliability and our ability to offer our customers a complete, highly qualified service in a very short time while also guaranteeing compliance with a quality system (ISO 9001 50 100 5764 and RINA certifications) and with the most important quality certification (Qualital for Architectural products and MED for low flame propagation paints).

Another feature that makes COLORE "unique" in the paint industry is its specialisation in colour "effects"; smooth gloss, semi-gloss, semi-matt, matt or super-matt, as well as wrinkled matt and texturised glossy finishes are the cornerstones of COLORE's business strategy. Our great drive and the key role played by our Laboratory has taken COLORE at the top among the most dynamic companies also in terms of research and development of products and new technologies applied to powder coating.

COLORE features a full catalogue of high performance products with well defined functional characteristics, from anti-corrosion to anti-graffiti, from antibacterial to photoluminescent, from high and very high temperatures to ultra-fast with very rapid polymerisation even at low temperatures. Finally, COLORE is going beyond the barriers of the common imagination also through the application of nanotechnologies to its products, a field that will surely see it as a protagonist in the coming decades!
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