Electronics / Electrical Engineering/ Lighting

We are so used to "living with them" in everyday life that we often underestimate the research behind every single component of an electrical appliance, a mobile phone, a PC, or a boiler, a stove or a conditioner.

For this reason, the researches carried out by COLORE led to the development of products particularly suited to the fundamental needs of this sector, maximizing their usability by the consumer and including paints free of heavy metals, or even completely eco-friendly, or antibacterial paints that fight against the proliferation of harmful and dangerous micro-organisms on the treated surfaces.

And of course, in everything we do we guarantee the best performances in terms of resistance to impact and corrosion, exposure to chemical agents or high operating temperatures, even minimizing the thickness applied.

We have achieved also significant results with ESD (ElectroStatic Dissipative coatings) powder coatings, which possess arguably the best function for use in electrical and electronic equipment as they dissipate the electric charge on conductive supports such as metals.

In addition to that COLORE has always handled flawlessly the strong demands of aesthetics of this sector, proposing a range of colours and a stunning (basically near-infinite) variety of effects.
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