Customised design

The customer is the heart of our sales and after sales activity: this is our motto! Our focus is, and will always remain, to give complete satisfaction to our customers, who increasingly often come to us with complex problems and very stringent schedules; the "custom" service was born to meet their demands.

Flexibility and "on demand" approach are our strengths, we develop the product requested by the customer, manufacture just only the required product quantities and in a very short time: this is what we are asked to do and what we do everyday; in a few years we switched from manufacturing mostly standard products, the classic RAL colours, to having mostly customers that choose the "customised" product, often in small (25-50 kg) batches and with 10 working days average order-to-delivery times.

Special effects and customisation are where COLORE became a market leader with its "bespoke tailor" approach. Maximum attention to detail, painstakingly accurate reproduction of the requested colour. We have a very wide range of products that cover the various colour folders in use (Pantone, Ral Design, British Standard, Munsell, NCS, Sikkens and others). We can also work directly on data and references provided by the customer.

The product quantity does not matter: ambition is to arrive at the best solution for our customer, offering products that stay safe over time, that are guaranteed and certified, and are also as user-friendly as possible!
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